A Sense Of Style That Will Last The Test Of Time

Daily Fashion Illustration 165. Monday, April 28. 2014

Style submitted by Adrian Beraquit. -instagram @queezethagod, tumblr AlreadyInvoiced
'I started my transition into menswear going into my junior year of college. Since middle school, I had avidly been involved with the sneaker culture but as I aged, I realized that my fondness for that world started to diminish and instead I looked toward a bright new future. Through the help of many inspirational people, I began finding myself and eventually became an established contributor on a thread titled "Dressing Better" on NikeTalk.com.

From this point I began molding what I loved about fashion into my own attire. Eventually I ended up becoming recognized for my sense of style and won TSBMen's May Giveaway. Since then, I have also been featured on TSB's website and have built a strong relationship with members on both there and the NikeTalk community through a shared love of fashion.

Now that I am finished with my undergrad and have a job as an in house accountant for a software reselling firm, I strive to enhance my wardrobe with timeless pieces, one purchase at a time. I would define my style as "Classic with a Twist". This is very prevalent in my suiting choices which takes great inspiration from the 60's and 70's. Rather than fall into the pit of fast fashion trends, I prefer to make strides to create a sense of style that will last the test of time.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 165, Adrian Beraquit