I Love Adapting A Look That Has Inspired Me…

Story submitted by Larry Lomotey.
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‘As Hardy Amies said

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”

This is one of the quotes I live by when shopping. It’s very rare that I buy things together. A lot of the time I buy items individually knowing that I have something at home that will work well.

For example, I have very few suits but lots of blazes and trousers that I bought separately. It simply means I can always have a new look with the same stuff. I also take a lot of care when choosing an outfit for an outing. It sometimes can take me two days to put a look together – but when it’s right it’s right and I always know it.

I like an outfit that stands out but looks effortless. I truly believe it’s a lot about ‘the man in the clothes, rather than the clothes on the man.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Larry Lamotey

'Finding a style that suits my personality has always been a huge importance to me. I love adapting a look that has inspired me, whether this be from the catwalk or something I have seen in a magazine and incorporating it into my everyday style.

Growing up my father was a tailor and my mother was a seamstress, so fashion was something I was always interested in from an early age. I was always fascinated with texture and bright colours.

When it comes to colour I tend to go with nature, I find nature always puts colours together in an interesting way. Most of the time, ways that us humans would never think of.’