I Was Sort Of Thrown Into The Water And Told To Swim

Story submitted by Quinton Brown
instagram @humble_beqinninqs

‘”Revitalizing culture in a world of trends,” is a quote that has refined my style over the years.

My style is similar to the teachings in architecture. Each outfit is sorted according to proportion and general “rules” of fashion. Along the way I have grown to appreciate and apply these values by adding my own twist and flavor. The end result has sparked a sense of hope that I can one day apply my transition from architecture to the vast world of fashion by establishing a luxury brand that pays homage to the rich culture in everyday living.

What inspired me to transition into fashion was the simple notion that appearance is a first impression. Being a business forward individual, I was sort of thrown into the water and told to swim. Once I noticed how easy it was to set my style apart from others, fashion became a dream of mine waiting to be manifest.

Daily Fashion Illustration Quinton Brown

I am a student at Tuskegee University majoring in architecture. I was raised in Atlanta, GA all my life so NYC presented a completely new environment – mainly a crowd of fashion forward individuals. I liked the atmosphere and to help myself blend in I immediately went to buy my very first tailored suit with my earned stipend from my internship.

From that point on as I returned home, I took on a higher level of consciousness for business and looking the part. My style is similar to architecture because everything I wear now is well tailored and each garment or accessory is directly proportional to each other. This is what we are taught as architecture students- to always produce a well designed building or for fashion’s sake, a well put together outfit.’