I Prefer Not To Be Buttoned Up In A Shirt And Tie…

Story submitted by Orch Eratli
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‘Illustrator/designer from London. Bearded man. Simple relaxed style. Love Henley tops and denim, accessories and beard grooming products. Ok well it’s hard to describe your own style but I’ll try to give you as much detail as possible.

Basically I would describe my style as simple and relaxed because I prefer not to be buttoned up in a shirt and tie. I like things like Henley tops, denim and flannel shirts and plenty of detail in accessories. I don’t do
crazy colourful prints or crazy outrageous ensembles.

My style icon is Johnny Depp. His clothes are very casual, well layered and well accessorized yet still stylish. My origins are from Cypriot but I don’t feel that has influenced my style. I would say this, I love PJs and if someone invented lounge clothes to be worn outdoors I would love it.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Orch Eratli