I Lived Across From My Grandfather Who Appreciated The Benefit Of A Proper Fitting Suit…

Story submitted by Kendrick Jackson
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‘For me, it was men who have traveled the world and understand the finer nuances in style and fit who have inspired me to be the person that I am.

Growing up, I lived across from my grandfather who appreciated the benefit of a proper fitting suit while adding your own style to it. Along with properly dressing, he explained the small nuances of being a gentlemen and using your wardrobe as a sign of respect to others who you come in contact with.

What made my education so valuable was not the styling aspect but the knowledge on what goes into a proper suit, and why your shoes need to be maintained accordingly.'

Daily Fashion DC Edition 5 Kendrick Jackson

'Today, along with my partner Grant Harris, we have transformed our lessons to a business that caters to men who not only want to look good on the outside but have the knowledge within to master their individual style.

For us, it’s about allowing you to understand the rules which allow you to navigate through your own individual style. Our goal is to have a company where our client today will feel confident to bring his grandson tomorrow’

illustration based on photo by Lauren Kallen.