Much Of My Inspiration Comes From My Surroundings…

Story submitted by Alan Aljaderi
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‘I love the classic menswear but with touches of modern combinations. Much of my inspiration comes from my surroundings.

I have no particular role model in the fashion world that I look up to.

I started as a young kid using tie and suit. A special memory I remember was when it was the class photo and all the kids were wearing the usual T-shirts etc. and I came with a set of black suit, gray/silvery tie and black loafers.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Alan Aljaderi

'Since then it has continued, I myself am engaged in some social tools where I blog and give inspiration about men’s fashion.  I live in a town where it’s not so common to wear suits among younger men, but I hope I can contribute a little confidence for young people to dare to wear classic fashion regardless!’