Basketball Came First. I Consider It My First Love…

Story submitted by Eli Infante.
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‘Basketball is a love of mine as style is. I played in college and I was inspired by an image of the legendary street ball player, Ron Beals.

There is something to say about how harmonious basketball and fashion can be. In my mind, anything done with passion exudes an effortless style and grace.

Basketball came first. I consider it my first love. It is where I learned to walk my walk and talk my talk. It is where I learned to envision myself as something greater than just the average man.

Basketball was something I wasn’t great at to begin with but countless days and nights playing till after the street lights turned off, whether rain or snow, it became my thing. I would travel to basketball camps in other states during off season and compete against other talented players from around the country. Taking that from high school to college basketball, the game was still the same, always bringing your A game and presenting it with the utmost style and grace.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Eli Infante

'After taking a break from basketball, I began to focus more on the arts and that lead me to photography. I would shoot landscape, portraits, events, and soon even runway shows, where I then got a chance to put the camera down and model.

After booking a few shows to model for, my eye for fashion began to truly flourish and all the visions of becoming someone greater than myself came. Fashion allows one to be who they want to be and say what they mean to say without even having to say it.

It’s all in the style and grace.’