I’ve Always Been This Way And Not Planning On Changing Any Time Soon…

Story submitted by George Myrie
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‘George Myrie, was born and raised in the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY. He had many obstacles and a ton of adversity to overcome to avoid being a product of his environment.

Throughout it all, he emerged unscathed and blossomed like a flower breaking it’s way through concrete….

Ok, let’s cut the B.S. You guys know, these Bio’s are most likely written by the person whom the Bio is about, so this writing in third person $h!t about myself, is pretty much pointless and it’s killing me…

Now we have that out of the way… Yes, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. That is essentially where I developed my sense of ‘stuyle’ (Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose!)

The streets weren’t that mean, either. Of course we had functioning drug addicts, prostitutes and drug dealers, but in the 80′s, that was pretty much everywhere in the outer burroughs of NYC. Many of them were friends and relatives of friends whom we all knew in the neighborhood.

I’ve had my share obstacles just like everyone else, so it’s amazing to me when someone writes that about themselves. Sure one may have had more hurdles to jump than others, but that doesn’t discount the obstacles of others. Everyone has them. (Ok, maybe not everyone!)'

Daily Fashion Illustration George Myrie

'I really can’t say I have 1 specific stuyle because I typically don’t follow trends. If I had to sum up my stuyle in 1 word, it would be “WWIW” which isn’t really a word but more like an acronym. Which stands for “Wear What I Want!”

I’ve always been this way and not planning on changing any time soon. I switch my looks so often it’s not even funny. From business, to casual, to lounge or even mix them all in one.

You may never know what you’re going to get with me, I’ll wear sweats and foamposites one day, then wear Khaki’s and shoes or even pull off a suit and Chuck’s. Who knows? It all comes down to wearing what you want and not caring what others have to say, trust me, I know all about the talking….

Some people always talk about the number of shoes I own or how many suits I have in my closet. They make jokes about me needing to join “Shoppers Anonymous” but hey, I don’t drink, and have no children so my mantra is, “If you are always prepared, then you will never have to get ready!”

Words I live by as well, to be honest, that’s what I tell myself to go shopping for things I don’t have! So maybe I do need to join an SA meeting, but then who will stimulate the economy? LOL!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, in a section called “Bedford Stuyvesant” which is typically called “Bed-Stuy” for short. When I started my blog stuylin.com. I was thinking of a word I could use to link where I’m from with my personal style. Hence, “stuyle.” Therefore, I try to use it as often as