I Help My Clients Find And Build Multiple Styles…

Story submitted by Jason Sarai
instagram @stylebysarai

‘I’ve been into fashion and style for as long as I can remember. I studied sciences in university, became a financial broker for the last 5 years and have now left the investment world to become a style and image consultant.

I started the company Style by Sarai, which is a style consulting business for men. I help my clients find and build multiple styles that suits their natural features and lifestyles that will ultimately assist them in achieving a level of confidence in the way they look and feel.'

Daily Fashion 206 Jason Sarai

'The business began in December of 2012 and it’s been such a great experience watching a passion project grow into an actual business. I’ve started an editorial series called Men & Women of Vancouver that showcases stylish professionals in our city that are passionate about their careers and give back to their community.

I was honored to be selected by GQ.com Editors as one of the best dressed readers of 2013. I’m looking at building on 2013 and working with creative professionals that are increasing the fashion game in the world.’