I’ve Noticed I’ve Gone Through Many Expressions Of Myself…

Story submitted by Bali Padda
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‘I guess I would fall under the category of “Creative Professional”. I’m based in Sydney, Australia and my resumé would state Actor, Producer, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Talent Agent, Wine Advisor… I think that is enough from me.

My friends have often called me a style-conscious person, but I reckon I’m quite new to understanding what my style actually might be.

I like a mixture of dapper, casual and personal eclectic. And with my Indian heritage, I have a penchant for some vibrancy and boldness. My mother always instilled a sense of pride in one’s appearance. I’ve often prided my personal eclectic style by adding a signature watch, or clothing item and pull off the look when others would find it challenging.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Bali Padda

'For me, style is about what you want, what makes you feel comfortable and is an expression of who you are. I’ve noticed I’ve gone through many expressions of myself and am currently entering a dapper phase with the good help of my friends at ScrubbedUp. I’ve often shied away from the formal/dressed up look, but I’m now enjoying it.

Last year, I enrolled in design school in Sydney. It was an experience that lasted only a year, but helped unlock creativity in so many ways for me. I now find myself paying more attention to details, understanding patterns, colour and shape and keeping a keen eye on good style.’