Finding The Right Balance Between Style And Practicality Is Not Always An Effortless Task…

Story submitted by Lisa Wang
instagram @wanderandlust

‘As a more-than-occasional, less-than-perpetual nomad, finding the right balance between style and practicality is not always an effortless task. As the head of marketing for the Asia Pacific region for a global financial firm and an avid travel/photography blogger (, I am constantly shuttling back and forth within and across regions.

Today my style reflects the multiple elements of my lifestyle: bohemian traveler, curious photographer, working professional.

With a mixed selection from thrift shops, weekend markets and runway, I like to think that my style today encapsulates the fluctuating levels of those elements. I find that visually articulating and evolving that personal boundary is an act of self expression that needs no words.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Lisa Wang