It All Started With Tumblr

Daily Fashion Illustration 116. Monday, February 10. 2014

Style submitted by Darshanan Govender. -instagram @darshgovender, Tumblr
'It all started with Tumblr, I started following men's fashion blogs and fell in love with the different ways to play around with colours and style. I noticed in South Africa the styles that I see online would only hit here a few months later. I used this information to keep the gents up-to-date with what was still going to be released here. I would like to keep this momentum going.

Recently I have also started producing high end pocket squares and again I add this all started with tumblr and the need to keep up with fashion. Being a dapper man is a lifestyle, the way you carry yourself and come across to others, a true gentleman. It's about the style that you create and not always following the main stream.'

Darshanan Govender.png