My Goal Is To Inspire And Motivate People

Daily Fashion Illustration 117. Tuesday, February 11. 2014

Style submitted by Alice Chan. -instagram @dalabooh -twitter @dalabooh, -site
'For me: "Fashion is about having the right attitude"

I'm Alice Chan, I was born and raised in France, this is where I started to be exposed to Fashion as we all know Paris is known for being the capital of Fashion. I came to America in 2012 to finish my studies in International Business. After graduating from Temple University (Philadelphia), in 2013, I decided to live my fashion dream so I created to be my resume and portfolio in order to establish a presence online and reach a wider audience. 

My blog is focused on fashion and beauty. It is a platform where I like to share inspirational stories, fashion trends and tips to my readers. My goal is to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and reach their goals. 

I believe that " Fashion is about having the right attitude," because it reflects your mood, personality and the feeling about yourself.  I consider my style to be trendy, edgy and feminine.'

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