With the Daily Fashion Paper-Back only days away from final approval we thought it time to share the breakdown of some of the content. Who is going to be featured? What other content is included? Who is supporting the book?

The Fashion Features

The Daily Fashion has now illustrated more than 125 people. Sharing the styles of men, women and children through bright and colorful watercolor paintings. In the first Daily Fashion Paper Back we could only feature so many people. Below is the list of the lucky few to make the cut in the first publication. (Don't worry if you don't see your name in the list. This is but the first publication).

Brothers and Craft
Ryan Dennis
Andres Nunez
Craig Hammond
Joaquin Rodriguez
Katherine Gundlach
Taylor Camp
Ramoan Bruce
Robert Twitty
Marc Chris
Nicole Lynch
Tomas Adam
Chris Davis
Abdias Neves
Ignacio Quiles
Paul Anthony
Mark Large
Yhoussef Ghassibe
Mirza Avdovic
Michael Dale
Andre de la Mode
Samuel Pyo
Cameron McGriff
Ontario Armstrong
Kerry Housley
Carlos Valdez
Michael Tesoriere
Andy Suryandi
Daman Baath
Jake Weisz
Mustafa Kacar


The Article Features

A few members of the Daily Fashion Community took time to put their thoughts about the fashion community in writing. Their writing will be featured in the Daily Fashion Paper-Back as well as here on the Daily Fashion blog.

Tajinder Hayer
Darshanan Govender
Tomas Adam


Ad Features

We are so proud to say that there are a few amazing brands that value the Daily Fashion Community. They have been so kind to help support the ongoing efforts of the Daily Fashion to provide great illustrations. Please take the time to support these members of the community by visiting their sites and sharing a kind word. You will be inspired by what you see.

Meisturwerk Machinen