I Was On The Hunt For A Well Made, Well Fitting Custom Suit…

Story submitted by Tom Daguanno
istagram @1701bespoke

‘Here in Detroit there’s a very apparent dichotomy regarding modern vs classic style. Trying to meld the two has been my number one priority. We’re trying to hit the reset button. We want to show men it’s okay to dress well because you want to, not just because you have to. And that it can be fun.

I think a little bit of where we came from and a little bit of where we’re going shows in every aspect of our lives. Especially in our clothing.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Tom Daguanno

'1701 Bespoke was formed as a byproduct of my wedding. I have always appreciated classic menswear and was on the hunt for a well made, well fitting custom suit in the Detroit area but came up unsatisfied. I approached my good friend and best man (a true entrepreneur) and pitched the idea of forming a company to fill this obvious hole in the market.

My background in design has shaped the look and feel of our brand while my partner Max has headed up the business side of things. It has been a lot of hard work and long days but we’re very happy with our product line and can’t wait to see where we go in the years to come.’