We Can All Relate To Something In Common

Daily Fashion Illustration 109. Thursday, January 30. 2014

Style submitted by Andy Scott. -instagram @andy_scott_uk
'I am a 25 year old British male who left London to move to America on a football/soccer dream. I played semi pro for a while until I found a new passion in the world of fashion. I have been fashion blogging over this past year, and writing celebrity style articles. Loving everything inbetween :) onwards and upwards.

Fashion has always been something that was important to me but being involved with soccer meant I didn't have a lot of spare time to concentrate on it. Now that I am only playing soccer casually I have a lot more spare time to concentrate on my fashion. I also started modeling about 5 years ago and started working at a lot of fashion shows. Being in the industry helped me to develop my own style. Then I got Instagram and things started taking off from there. I love the industry and even though we are all different, from different cultures and unique styles we can all relate to something in common. :)'

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