It Is Grown From A Love Of The Southern Field

Daily Fashion Illustration 110. Friday, January 31. 2013

Style submitted by McBryde Campbell. -instagram @mcbry_de
'My style is born of an appreciation of classic American apparel. It is grown from a love of the Southern field, the New England Prep School, and the Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. I do my best to carry the tradition of a Southern Gentleman wherever I go. To me, classic American style is merely one facet of pursuing a full and well rounded life. A gentleman is not defined by his style, it is merely an expression of his inner appreciation for beauty, aesthetic,
and quality.

Whether its white bucks at the races or Seersucker at church, the South is full of delightful traditions. Tradition is the idea of putting everything in its proper place. As such, I cringe seeing white pants in autumn or linen worn in winter not because it looks bad, but because it shows disregard, and in some cases, disrespect for the age old traditions that define the South.

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