Always Be Imitated but Never Imitate

Daily Fashion Illustration 59. Thursday, November 14. 2013

Style Submitted by Youssef Ghassibe. -instagram user @zouzou00
'My style is easy and accurate. I'm just a simple guy with good taste. I am a business manager but my passion is fashion; going my way around, saludos!!!

My passion for fashion started at an early age, I am the son of Lebanese parents and the holidays here are of great importance. As a good Lebanese at big parties, I learned to crtique and become inventive. Now I am a great fashion critic.

Later came adolescence and all that rebelling. I was young, overweight and could not find clothes to fit. I had to devise my own clothing line. With perseverance I learned to cut and sew it myself!
It was interesting in the beginning. I learned a lot- combinations with belts, shoes and textures of fabrics was fundamental! The city I live in has an orthodox fashion sense, there are no department stores or renowned brands, only people who bring a few custom shirts and pants from the US. I did not want to stay monotonous and boring in my dress which many see as a distraction but I see it as a way of life. As I see a piece of clothing I automatically see which is the perfect combination to have with that piece, without much effort. It's that simple.

Now, after a long time successfully losing weight and getting clothing more easily, (but still in the same town of orthodox and boring clothes, lol)  I keep inventing my trusted tailored pieces.

An important point is that as a great lover of fashion I also love the history of fashion. I think having lived in 3 of the most important eras (70's, 80's and 90's) further inspires me with a good base. My style ranges from the suburban to classic, never going through the boring and ordinary people. EVER! '
My motto is "Always be imitated but never imitate."

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