My Style Reflects Different Cultures I've Experienced

Daily Fashion Illustration 58. Wednesday, November 13. 2013

Style submitted by Mirza Avdovic. -instagram user @mirza_19
'My style tends to reflect the different cultural traditions I've experienced while traveling. My sense of style stems from traveling in Europe, specifically in England, Italy, and Turkey.

My sartorial and discerning lifestyle takes shape from my outlook on how gentlemen presented themselves in the 1800-1900's. I consider my style conservative but with specific alterations to make it person to my life. I use color and fit of a suit to exemplify my own taste. One day you can see me wearing a plain suit with a multitude of vibrant colors to express my positive outlook on life and other times a simple tailored shirt to express my desire for simplicity, both in my personal and sartorial lifestyle.

Everything I wear, I end up tailoring to a snug yet presentable fit. That can get costly at times but it is a accurate description of who I am.'

daily fashion 58.jpg