Daily Fashion Day 32. Wednesday, October 9. 2013. 

Submitted by Steven Santander. -instagram user @stevensantander
 'Before college, I had very little knowledge of menswear or style.  Right before graduating, from architecture school, I had the opportunity to apprentice as a bespoke tailor at a men's custom clothing shop.  There I learned a great deal about style, menswear and the craft of creating fine clothing.  Although I am no master tailor, the skills I learned and knowledge I picked up from that experience are invaluable to my style today.  I have always believed in quality over quantity, especially in clothing.

My style includes clothing that is bespoke, custom, vintage, thrifted, and DIY.  I do most of my own alterations, and am a designer and artist as well.  I am constantly learning and believe fashion like anything else, takes practice.  I don't always get suited up, but when I do, I do it right.  And of course no outfit is complete without a pair of sick dubmonks like these beautiful worn in orange pair.'


daily fashion 32a.jpg
daily fashion 32b.jpg