I can't help but feel that I've given in...

I've waited this long, why not wait a little longer. If it's about the artistry why paint the celebrity? What it's come down to for me is that to become a celebrity there is a great deal of artistry involved.

No. That's a lie. I don't know what it takes to become a celebrity- dumb luck perhaps. What I do know is that Nickelson Wooster, within the menswear industry has invented himself time and again and still remains a coveted name.

If you don't know about him from the mustache, or from the shades, or from the smoking, you know about him because of his great influence on the Menswear Industry over the last decade.

Nick Wooster Illustration

Let me be lazy and tell you that I don't have any new insights on the man, what you have to do is google Nick Wooster (don't worry I already did that for you, just click the name Nick Wooster). There you will find more than enough gossip and worship to dispel any mystery.

Nick Wooster
Nick Wooster fashion illustration