Taking a note from its own history, Fossil has developed the newest version of the Breaker. A Dive-inspired watch from the newly resurrected Fossil Blue.

With the strength to withstand pressures of 20 ATM (That's 200 meters) Breaker provides the assurance of quality under pressure. And you don't have to worry about reading the watch in the dark depths. Luminescent hands and indices make for clear reading.

'Seashells don't do it justice. The echo and splash of waves cannot be reproduced. The way the sky's blue is reflected and refracted. Like the elusiveness of clouds, water is ever changing. A moment captured on film does not deserve the same reverence as a moment experienced with the senses.

That's why you are out there. In the water, swimming, diving, admiring the beauty. It begs to be experienced, not imitated. It's the call of the water. It's your heart's desire. Go swim in the blue.'

The Process

Click through the slideshow above to see the progression of the painting.

After completing the painting Ruth and I went out to a Marina on Lake Belton, taking the Breaker to a place it felt at home. On the weather planks, precariously close to the water's edge we set up.


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