I'm only a recent convert to the Buscemi tribe. What I know is very little, but that's a common trend for me.

Buscemi 100 MM

I am lucky to own a pair of Buscemi sneakers. They were a gift on one of my trips to New York. Mine are from a special Art Basel collaboration with Hennessy, dubbed 'Decanted.' If you dig through the archives you'll find me referencing the 'Decanted' shoes on several occasions.

They almost don't seem real. Not real in the way that clothes you own but don't wear because you don't know how, don't seem real. That's not to say that I haven't crowned my peasant feet with them for an outing or two.

The first post-Gourmet, Buscemi shoe launch was the 100 MM. It seemed fitting to go back to the beginning -as Inigo Montoya might have said.

Described on JonBuscemi.com -'Hand crafted in the luxury footwear capital of the world Civitanova, Italy, the 100MM high-top sneaker is artfully constructed of full-grain Italian calf leather with hand painted edges and signature heel handle.'

Many iterations have come down from on high in the following years since its release.

As I did with watches not too long ago it's about time that I do the same with luxury shoes. Be witness to my discovery of shoes, sneakers and freaks- getting to know the products and the industry by becoming intimate with their universe, by doing the best research I know how- by drawing and painting the soul of the beast.

I did an illustration of my 'Decanted' Buscemi shoes on the Daily Fashion Project not to long ago.

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