Ryan Clark

From Dallas to New York, Ryan Clark exposes the aspirational world of fashion through his powerhouse instagram @highfashionmen and website High Fashion Living.

Q5. What is a big failure that you have had? Has it helped you with the success you have now?

Ryan- I am the type of person that doesn’t dwell on failures, but rather celebrates success. Failure happens on a daily basis, it is the way you react and overcome failure that is important.

Ryan Clark of Ryan Styles NYC

Q4. Do you have a morning routine? 

Ryan- Yes, it’s quite elaborate… Wake up, shave, shower, prepare to take over the world… lol

Ryan Clark of High Fashion Men on the Daily Fashion Project

Q3. Do you see your medical training affecting the way you approach fashion?

Ryan- Of course, I believe every experience in life shapes the way you approach new situations. I think that medical training allows you to think outside the box and really forces you to utilize all possible resources, which is similar to the way I tackle various situations in fashion.

Ryan Styles NYC illustration

Q2. You recently moved to New York and started a new IG account @RyanStylesNYC. You say on your site that it was to pursue a passion for fashion. How will New York help you do that?

Ryan- New York is the nucleus of fashion, so to truly pursue a career in fashion it was vital to move to the city. New York has so many opportunities and a diverse network of people in the fashion industry. I believe NYC will allow me to connect and collaborate with other influential people in the field.

Ryan Styles NYC fashion illustration

Q1. Your website is called High Fashion Living. Your instagram is High Fashion Men. Which came first?

Ryan- High Fashion Men came first. Our platform was initially built to advise, inspire, and innovate the way men embraced fashion. We received several requests to expand our platform and as a result High Fashion Men evolved into High Fashion Living. With that being said, High Fashion Living encompasses, a larger and diverse audience with an emphasis on Men’s/ Women’s fashion, lifestyle, travel, and news.

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