Fashion meets utility in the CAT Footwear Colorado Boot with Gore Tex.

CAT Footwear fashion illustration

My first and only interaction with CAT Footwear was at PROJECT in New York. Alyson and Ashley were excited to share their CF knowledge. In fact, they had been going around to all of the BloggerPROJECT people to evangelize for CAT Footwear.

Their passion was apparent and well received.

As a Michigan native, and a West Michigan native at that I have a special place in my heart for Wolverine- the footwear company headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, about an hour north of Grand Rapids where I was raised.

CAT Footwear just so happens to be a part of the Wolverine group and thus the instant bond I had with the boots.

Sketch of the Colorado with Gore-Tex, from PROJECT NY.

Sketch of the Colorado with Gore-Tex, from PROJECT NY.

These workman boots have made a concerted effort to fit into the fashion market. Caterpillar (where the CAT in CAT Footwear is licensed) is known for construction, for hard work, for strong labor. The footwear they offer has traditionally fit that mold.

Working with Gore-Tex- a waterproof and protective fabric, CAT Footwear made their durable Colorado boot into a waterproof beauty.

With a strong history of being a companion to the working man there is room for playing up designs to trend toward fashion. Moving utility to subtext and aesthetic to headline.