Thierry X Nash, the fifth illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man.

It was amidst the chill air of New York in January when the request came in.

Alexander Nash Bespoke Tailoring

Thierry wearing Alexander Nash, shot by Naskademini.

Thierry, you may know him from Genteel Flair and A&H Magazine asked if I would paint this image of him. It is not my normal practice to take directly from a photograph for these Sunflowerman fashion illustrations but as it was a request from someone I respect I made the exception.

Further more, the artist who snapped the shot was none other than Naskademini (see Sunflowermatt shot by Naskademini). What better way for me to pay homage?

I can only hope that the Sunflowerman influence is enough to create a unique work or art.