Fossil Wakefield Watch

Fossil Wakefield Watch

Inspired by Australian Supercars and automobile racing. The Wakefield Chronograph's vanilla dial is accentuated by the black, rotating bezel.

Orange on the start/stop pusher and the second hand give a miss-leading correlation between the two, but assist in reading the watch clearly.

The cappuccino leather straps are a great accent. The watch would not be the same without it.

'Summer heat peers in over the dash. The sun reaches out with a greeting, overzealous as she gets close, forcing beads of sweat. It's not the summer that excites you.

No, it's the smell of tanned leather, the glint of harsh light on stainless steel, the peace that comes with knowing time is a gift. It's a gift that is not fully understood, but that doesn't stop you from investigating, from measuring, from embracing the mystery.'

The Process

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