Scotch & Soda

Denny X Scotch & Soda, the 7th illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man.

Denny is one of the most versatile dressers I have ever met. He pulls together looks from the vintage store where he works like an artist. He suits up like a Dali painting. And he's always wearing a hat. The man just looks good in a hat.

At PROJECT Show I had the honor of painting Denny wearing Scotch & Soda. He pulled three jackets for three very different aesthetics. See those paintings on the Daily Fashion.

Now follow along in this final Denny X Scotch & Soda painting.

The Painting

Denny Balmaceda Scotch and Soda

The Process

Rene Magritte was a major influence for this illustration.

I needed to find a way to complement Denny's gravity defying acrobatic photographs with the eclectic design choices of Scotch and Soda. Magritte's 'Son of Man' and 'Golconda' set the tone.

Denny Scotch & Soda drawing
Denny Scotch n Soda sketch

Check out some of the Periscope video of the process.