Rob X Apolis, the 8th illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man.

Rob Mangano is the beard behind Dressed To Ill. He is also the face and the brain, but the beard! amiright? With experience as a fashion store manager and a growing following as a menswear influencer, Rob is staking his claim within the menswear industry.

At PROJECT Show Rob was kind enough to model the Apolis collection. See the Daily Fashion illustrations of him here.

The Painting

The Process

Apolis is an LA based fashion company with the goal to 'empower communities worldwide.' The mission is built into the name, Apolis meaning 'global citizen.'

When it came to developing the concept for the illustration I wanted to play on the idea of a global theme. Scrolling to the bottom of the post you'll see an original concept of Rob standing on top of the world. It struck me as too obvious.

Moving on from there I extrapolated the world to flat graphic circles. Letting the circles stand for the world as well as individuals.

Check out some of the Periscope video of the process.