This 1971 Rose Gold Rolex watch was submitted by Jenna Brown. -instagram user @jbrownk

'My husband inspired my love of watches.

When we were dating, my now husband would always send me links to watches - pictures of ones he loved or articles he thought I would find interesting. I loved spending time with him looking at watch blogs, flipping through auction catalogs, or window shopping. I loved seeing and hearing his excitement as he shared his interest with me - and his passion was contagious. I slowly found myself frequenting his favorite sites, reading about the history and evolution of watch making, asking him questions...and I slowly started to develop my own taste.

When he finally got his very first watch, he made sure it was a size we could both wear. On the days I had it on, I loved looking down at it and thinking two things: how much I loved him, and how beautiful it was. After we were married, he purchased his "forever watch" - one he'd wear every day that would eventually show the wear of use and tell a story of its own - of a life we lived together. I felt such genuine happiness for him to have something he loved and appreciated so much.

For our sixth month wedding anniversary he surprised me with a 1971 Rose Gold Rolex. Not remembering - but when he gave it to me he said it was one we had seen months earlier in an auction catalog, and after a couple years of looking at watches with him it was the first and only one he ever heard me say I loved. It is so timeless, elegant, and it perfectly matches the only other accessories he has gotten me that I love more than this watch.'


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