This Audemars Piguet watch was submitted by Bradley Brown. -instagram user @bradley_brown

'Watches sit at the intersection of many things I love – engineering, art, fashion – so I’ve been fascinated with them for quite some time. I love looking down at my wrist and thinking about the incredible machine that hides behind the dial and how the ability to tell time in such a portable form has shaped history. But what’s been even more special is sharing my passion with my wife, friends, and family.

I love the nicks and dings and story behind vintage watches - but when it came to my own watches I was always exceedingly careful and often took it off before travel or activities. I realized the hypocrisy of that so wanted to find a watch that I could wear every day, and that over time would tell the story of my wife and I’s life together.

I’d always dreamed of owning an AP Royal Oak – I think it’s a beautiful sports watch that can be worn casually or more formally with its graceful blue face. And Genta has been so influential in watch design that it feels like wearing an important piece of watch history. I was fortunate enough to get one recently and don’t plan to take it off!'


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