Personalized Portraits

Each Sunflowerman portrait is custom made from start to finish for a piece of art that captures each unique individual. Portraits are original pieces of art and are hand drawn and hand-painted.


Sunflowerman combines inspiration from throughout art history in his fanciful portraits. The symbolism of the Renaissance, imagination of the surrealist movement and pop culture of the modern era meet in a Sunflowerman portrait. Every detail, from the colors to the subject matter, is carefully considered so that the final illustration tells a story about the subject.

Who it’s for

Anyone can commission a portrait, and past portraits have been created for:

  • Family & Friends

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Board Members

  • Interior Designers

  • Personal Commissions


Getting Started

Interested in a Sunflowerman portrait? We’ll need several good photographs of the person and a bit of information about things they enjoy. Do they love coffee or have a favorite city they travel to? Let us know and Sunflowerman can begin crafting a one-of-a-kind portrait just for them.


Our Process

  1. Contact us with a description of your project.

  2. We provide an estimate and creative brief for your approval.

  3. Contract is signed.

  4. You provide all necessary reference material.

  5. We illustrate the initial concepts.

  6. You approve one of the concepts.

  7. We create a color study for your final approval.

  8. We paint the final portrait.

  9. You receive high resolution scans of the finished portrait via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

  10. We package the portrait and ship to your designated destination.