Live Events

Sunflowerman creates engaging experiences through live painting at events, parties and trade shows. He has painted live at Pitti Uomo, Men’s Fashion Week, PROJECT Show, Baselworld and locations across the globe.

Performance Painting

Whether you want to host a memorable event or stand out from the crowd at a busy trade show, live event art by Sunflowerman will leave a lasting impression. We work with you to create a piece or pieces that fit your brand and inspire event attendees. Sunflowerman can paint on your company’s product including suits and fabric, or create a more traditional painting on canvas or board. Whatever your event, let us create a live experience that is perfect for you.

Live client portraits

When you want to build a more personal relationship with your clients, Sunflowerman offers live client portraits. Clients at your event or store sit for short portrait sessions and leave with a portrait to hang on their wall or share on their social media. Sunflowerman can talk and paint at the same time, so clients can enjoy chatting with the artist while their portrait is created. Live portraits take 15-30 minutes per person, depending on level of detail.

Live Event Offerings

  • Photo and video of the event

  • All paintings can be branded with your company’s name

  • Paintings on canvas

  • Paintings on vintage bookpages

  • Digital client portraits

  • Watercolor client portraits

  • Paintings on products

  • Paintings for raffle or auction during event

Our Process

  1. Contact us with a description of your event.

  2. We provide an estimate and creative brief for your approval.

  3. Contract is signed.

  4. You provide all necessary reference material, travel expenses outside the DFW area, and any special equipment for on site setup.

  5. Sunflowerman performs live at your event.

  6. You receive the live art at the end of the event, or your clients receive it as portraits are completed.


Project Show / Macy’s / Robert Graham / Luciano Barbera / Bonobos / Montblanc / Strong Suit / Kimbell Art Museum / Kronaby