Daily Fashion 266


Daily Fashion 266

'During the conversation I eased in the big question "are you guys hiring..."

Submitted by Carmel Charles
instagram @redcarpetcm

'Always had a keen sense of creativity when it came to art & fashion growing up. I started as a sneakerhead & found myself working at JCrew and I quickly transitioned to the Ivy League gent style. I'm still diverse when it comes to fashion and I even switch it up from time to time but I love the gent look hands down.

As a youngster I collected Jordan's and SB dunks. My favorite retro pair of Jordan's are the flint 12's & the cement 3's. My fond love for j's resulted in me saving up lunch money for retro releases. When I got to high school I found myself doing labor work to keep up with my expensive taste. I would mow my neighbors lawn, shovel snow, etc.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Carmel Charles

I walked into JCrew and loved the pieces in there. I pictured myself working there and wore a leather jacket, rugby selvage denim jeans, Louis Vuitton coin pouch & a pair of original flu game 12's. I think it was fate or something because who I thought was a random person giving me compliments on my outfit was surprisingly the store manager.

We quickly got along & started talking about Jordan's and how he got started with the company. During the conversation I eased in the big question "are you guys hiring" and he answered 'Yes, we always need stylish young men like yourself.' I started the next week and found out the employee discount was 50%. Quickly, I transitioned to the Ivy League gent style. About a year later, as my retail experience developed I started at club Monaco as a Personal Stylist.

I'm still diverse when it comes to fashion and I even switch it up from time to time but I love the gent look hands down.'


Benjamins Shoes


Benjamins Shoes

Benjamins Shoes
instagram @benjaminsshoes

'Benjamins Shoes launched online this past September. We are based in California and all of our manufacturing is done here. All of our shoes are made by us with the highest quality luxury fabrics.

Our current release is made from Loro Piana storm system cashmere. We have selected aspects from different styles of shoe-making (hand-lasted toes with toe boxes, stitched on moc soles) to create the best shoe we possibly can.'

Benjamins Shoes featuring Camion Horton


'We're getting ready to move into our brick and mortar in California, which will be shared workshop and retail space. People coming into the shop will be able to watch the shoes being made there on site.

For now everything is made to order, and sold exclusively through our website and soon from our shop. We are also excited to announce that we will be featured in the upcoming Dec/Jan issue of Monocle magazine.

The opportunity we had at this building was too good to pass up. It's an historic brick building that is being turned into artist lofts with commercial space below. We will be surrounded by other shops and restaurants; a poke bowl spot, a bar and barbershop concept, all local businesses and really great people.

The neighborhood where the shop is located was an industrial district, and much of the design within the space is staying true to that aesthetic. We would like to carry some of that into our space (there are two large metal roll-up doors in our 900 sq. ft. that are original to the building), but we are also planning to pay homage to old school menswear shops with details like gold leaf painted signage, black wood and glass shop front, etc.

I will also be bringing in many pieces that are personal to me and my family, as an example I have a mini liquor bottle collection that became mine when my grandfather passed away that is more that 800 bottles that I am creating a display for.

The space will be workshop, retail, lounge, and showroom in one. We would like to draw people into the space even if they may not be there to buy shoes. Whether it's to watch the shoes being made, or to sit and read (I am putting in a library of menswear related books that is not for sale but for people to use for reference/pleasure) and we will also be selling menswear related magazines.

Customers can come in and sit, place a custom shoe order if they like, and the developer of the building is working to get the entire floor permitted for alcohol, so if someone purchases a beer in the cafe at the front of the floor, they can take it with them to the other shops without any problems.

We're also planning to host events in our space, film screenings etc. We recently held one at another location in town and screened 'i Colori di Antonio' which was great.'

Benjamins Shoes is a payed feature illustration for the Daily Fashion Project.


Daily Fashion 265


Daily Fashion 265

'I was the only young boy in kindergarten with polo styled shirts and corduroy pants...'

Submitted by Arrington Crawford
instagram @thebillionbrand

'Style has no limits! It is your personal expression of your inner convictions! Style is an art form that, just like any painter, it takes time to understand your personal flare and interpretation.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been drawn to clothes and attempting to make sure I was well put together. Part of the reason is that both my mother, who is a seamstress and my father, who was known for being revolutionary in his dress, wouldn't allow me to dress any other way!

Daily Fashion Illustration, Arrington Crawford

I was the only young boy in kindergarten with polo styled shirts and corduroy pants accompanied by pat and leather Stacy Adams and at other times loafers with shorts, while every other child had your basic two piece leisure set with the animals printed on them or cartoon characters!

Since then as I grew older and had self understanding of clothes and could start to make my own decisions as to what I wore, that stuck with me because I was always concerned about being different and standing out in my presentation compared to the next student! I would love to get the attention of teachers and faculty that would praise me from day to day going outside their way saying how nice I looked. It further showed me that the way you present yourself will cause people to react unintentionally in certain ways to you that are socially benefiting,

Building upon that base from a little boy, as I stand today as a man, I consider my style to be eccentric and exotic, but simple, classic and timeless because it is not driven by nor bound to a current trend. Often times it is set out of the normal and it is fashion forward so that it has no limits to a fashion period!

I consider my style to be fearless. Often times people don't try new things for fear of what people have to say, but how else are trends started? and furthermore as I always say, its the person's confidence that makes the clothes not the clothes that make up for the persons confidence, because that's the only way for you to bring a look to life and sub-consciously your confidence persuades people to believe in whatever that is. The world is coming to understand who I am and my style I have to offer and I am grateful that people can believe in what I do even if they themselves wouldn't do it, they respect my style. I give honor to God for the small acclaim he has allowed me to have thus far in life and I hope that my personal brand would expand even the more across the globe!

Stay blessed!'