'I was the only young boy in kindergarten with polo styled shirts and corduroy pants...'

Submitted by Arrington Crawford
instagram @thebillionbrand

'Style has no limits! It is your personal expression of your inner convictions! Style is an art form that, just like any painter, it takes time to understand your personal flare and interpretation.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been drawn to clothes and attempting to make sure I was well put together. Part of the reason is that both my mother, who is a seamstress and my father, who was known for being revolutionary in his dress, wouldn't allow me to dress any other way!

Daily Fashion Illustration, Arrington Crawford

I was the only young boy in kindergarten with polo styled shirts and corduroy pants accompanied by pat and leather Stacy Adams and at other times loafers with shorts, while every other child had your basic two piece leisure set with the animals printed on them or cartoon characters!

Since then as I grew older and had self understanding of clothes and could start to make my own decisions as to what I wore, that stuck with me because I was always concerned about being different and standing out in my presentation compared to the next student! I would love to get the attention of teachers and faculty that would praise me from day to day going outside their way saying how nice I looked. It further showed me that the way you present yourself will cause people to react unintentionally in certain ways to you that are socially benefiting,

Building upon that base from a little boy, as I stand today as a man, I consider my style to be eccentric and exotic, but simple, classic and timeless because it is not driven by nor bound to a current trend. Often times it is set out of the normal and it is fashion forward so that it has no limits to a fashion period!

I consider my style to be fearless. Often times people don't try new things for fear of what people have to say, but how else are trends started? and furthermore as I always say, its the person's confidence that makes the clothes not the clothes that make up for the persons confidence, because that's the only way for you to bring a look to life and sub-consciously your confidence persuades people to believe in whatever that is. The world is coming to understand who I am and my style I have to offer and I am grateful that people can believe in what I do even if they themselves wouldn't do it, they respect my style. I give honor to God for the small acclaim he has allowed me to have thus far in life and I hope that my personal brand would expand even the more across the globe!

Stay blessed!'