Realizing The Difference Between Fashion And Style Was The Turning Point For Me

Daily Fashion Illustration 185. Tuesday, May 20. 2014

Story submitted by Tyrelle Correa. -instagram @tyrellecorrea

'I believe that every man should know a good tailor and a good barber as these are the essential building blocks of my style.

As a young boy, I was always intrigued by clothes. Growing up, I meticulously watched my father get dressed for work. Continuously, preparing for work with pride and consideration.
And when I finally entered the working world, my love and passion for clothing was ignited. Realizing the difference between fashion and style was the turning point for me. Fashion; being what is the current trend and style; is a reflection of my personality.

Suits are my passion, and since I work in a formal environment, it has taught me countless lessons. As cliché as it may sound, I sincerely live by: “Quality is always better than quantity”. Thus preferring a quality pair of shoes over 10 pairs of inexpensive shoes or shoes of an inferior quality. However I am not stating that you can only get quality with a lot money but to the untrained eye, a more expensive item is perceived as a safer bet.

After all you can only leave a first impression once.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 185, Tyrelle Correa