I Like How Quick And Easy It Is To Dress Like That

Daily Fashion Illustration 80. Monday, December 16. 2013

Style submitted by Taylor Camp. -Instagram @thetieguy, Tumblr thetieguy
'I'm in love with Gant Rugger. I like how quick and easy it is to dress like that. For example, a nice sweater, jeans and boat shoes. I really like 1950s preppy, classic style. Not sure if your familiar with the book Take Ivy but that's pretty much my bible. You can find that book at Barnes and Noble. It was photographed by two Japanese photographers in the 60s which makes it even more awesome. Lately I've been really into Japanese menswear.

The whole "The Tie Guy" thing happened about three years ago. I started dressing better and eventually I decided to make a blog on tumblr and now its expanded into instagram and twitter. Its been crazy! I just hit 43,000 people with no signs of
slowing down. I've been working with small menswear companies across the
United States. I feel blessed! And its only continuing to grow and get

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