I’m An Unapologetic Denim Nerd…

Story submitted by Tanner Sewell
instagram @t_sewell

‘I’ve been artistically inclined since primary school. And this inclination has manifested itself in various forms throughout my life. Upon earning my postgraduate degree in philosophy, I discovered my passion for educating and coaching – both of which can be considered “art forms.” Thus, I became a Special Education English teacher.

Around the same time, coincidentally, I began selling at J.Crew – a company I had always admired and followed regularly. It was at this time where things took off and I found my niche and passion for styling and exploring vintage menswear.

My style philosophy can be described in two words: staple-driven. The classics are timeless. And trends are a no-go for me. The classic 50’s denim cuff and vintage men’s work wear are perfect examples of this. Americana is a deliberate underlying theme in my wardrobe; and European influences are minimal. The exception here is the Brits: I’m an unapologetic Anglophile. And it’s fair to say that British undertones can oftentimes be noted in my work.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Tanner Sewell

'As a southerner, the outdoors and nature and animals – specifically, hunting game – are themes I enjoy weaving throughout my wardrobe. Ducks and guns are fun; so ties and pocket squares and accessories with waterfowl or hunters shooting game are just fantastic.

I’m also an unapologetic denim nerd. Again, it’s a timeless material. And there’s nothing more fun than breaking in a pair raw of denim, allowing it to take on its own personality. It’s an aesthetically pleasing process. Cuffing a pair of selvedge denim, exposing its nicely bound, colored edge, is just fantastic. Not to mention that the history behind selvedge denim is fascinating in and of itself.

My craft as an educator is, itself, an art form. And my style, per se, goes hand-in-hand with it. It’s an always-evolving process. And it’s a lot of fun.’