Fashion Was Introduced To Me As A Young Lad…

Story submitted by Lonnie Hawkins
instagram @alonzo_hawkins

‘Fashion was introduced to me as a young lad growing up in the city of dreams, New York City. Seeing so many different styles throughout the city, I gravitated to fashion as an expression of myself, being inspired by the 1920′s, Harlem Renaissance, & the “new Jazz era.”

I brought my love of jazz with me when I moved down South and instantly became infatuated by Charleston’s jazz age. The laid back atmosphere, southern charm & hospitality put the finishing touch on my personal style aesthetic. This became my personal expression, which is now becoming recognized as South of York.

South Of York is a mixture of my style intertwined with New York ( Harlem Renaissance) & the Carolina (Charleston Jazz Age). That’s how you get South Of York.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Lonnie Hawkins