'There's no boundaries, it's whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it...'

Submitted by Sean Elkins
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'Fashion is neither right nor wrong. It's a walking opinion. Fashion is what you create that doesn't needs explaining, the style speaks for itself. I remember wearing Lacoste Polo's and Levi 501 Denim in high school with Saucony's. At first people don't understand it, but I go back to 'style speaks for itself', but as time goes on they respect it.

I'm a Food Scientist. Always loved food and the science behind it, similar to fashion, I love the design and process. I'm extremely fortunate to find two things that I love to do and get paid for them both. For me, Food and Fashion are parallel. There's no boundaries, it's whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it.'

Daily Fashion Illustration, Sean Elkins

'I was first introduced to fashion in high school. Up until that point my mom dressed me, it was the standard Polo and Levi Jeans (light jacket or coat in the fall/winter). In high school I discovered what worked for me. At the time, Armani Exchange was my favorite selection. Then it grew into Evisu as I became senior going to college. It has always been a clean button down, crisp denim or trousers with slip ins and tassels or crisp white sneakers.

As I've matured, my style has become polished and exemplary of who I am. I love the freedom of knowing who I am, my style and what I'm doing at that moment with high confidence. I've learned that, trends come and go, but style is timeless. It's like discovering your identity, you make the rules.'