'I love being the guy with the bold windowpane suit...'

Submitted by Krenar Havolli
instagam @k.havolli

'Being raised in Brooklyn, New York I was never really exposed to men constantly wearing suits and I just went with the trends that would consume my neighborhood. It was not until I started working in Manhattan that I noticed the difference not only the vibes but the looks that were given to well dressed men in suits.

Once I landed a job with suit supply I had the training to have a particular eye for certain combinations color wise and texture wise. Once I had the proper training in the does and don'ts in men's suiting I took what they gave me and ran rampant.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Krenar Havolli

I love BOLD suits statement pieces, the suits that really catch your eye. I love being the guy with the bold windowpane suit with a vibrant burnt orange tie and a double breasted checked waistcoat. I love bold patterns and bold colors. I'm young now but I pretty sure this ideology will stick with me till I'm 6 feet under!'