‘I’m A Fan Of Exaggerated Masculinity In Tailoring…’

Story submitted by Ryan Riekena
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‘Over the years, my taste has evolved toward that of the understated and classical. While details make the difference, I believe that no one piece should stand out in such a way as to draw too much attention. Instead, all elements of an ensemble should work in harmony to enrich the wearer and express one’s individuality. Elegance over affectation, and quality over quantity.

My sense of style has become a unique blend of the proper formality of traditional English tailoring and the soft richness of Italian fabric. I’m a fan of the exaggerated masculinity currently brought to the table by Tom Ford, and originally inspired by Tommy Nutter. Big lapels, a nipped waist, and strong, yet proportional shoulders are where my interests lay.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Ryan Riekena

'I’m a firm believer that clothes do not make the man, but rather a man’s wardrobe should be a carefully curated collection of well balanced pieces, each one of which the owner feels completely comfortable with. A gentleman should choose his clothing with the utmost consideration, put definitive thought into his outfit, and then go on with his day as if he has forgotten all about what he is wearing. It’s the confidence to wear an ensemble that makes it look good, not the other way around.’