‘In My Childhood I Used To Watch My Grandfather Paying Attention To All His Outfit Details…’

Story submitted by Hugo Barreto-Ramos
instagram @hug0_barret0

‘Because my grandfather was a gentlemen, he always dressed with all the details, and he had a class that you can’t buy. It inspired me to embrace this style. I love to be in a suit and tie. I’m also a lover of suspenders and details like lapel pins or square pockets.

I’ve always liked fashion, and always tried to follow it. In my childhood, I used to sit in my grandfathers bed and watch my grandfather dressing, paying attention to all his outfit details, cleaning his shoes and giving the final touch with his hat. I’ve always admired that and wanted to follow it. With time, and because of my profession (I work in hospitality, management and focus on consulting) I had to start to build my fashion personality.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Hugo Barreto-Ramos

'They call it heritage because I follow my ancestor style without thinking about it. Nowadays, I’m known by the way I dress as much as my capability in my profession. And there’s nothing better for me than to be recognized by something you like and love.’