My Late Grandfather, A Definite Gentleman Dandy

Daily Fashion Illustration 87. Tuesday, December 31. 2013

Style submitted by Ryan Dennis. -instagram @TheGentlemanBentley
'My style is inspired primarily by my late Grandfather, a definite Gentleman Dandy. I was taught at a very early age, that when you step out of the house, you are a representation of 'THIS' family. You never know who you're going to see, or whom will see you.

With this understanding as a foundation, my style has developed over the years as I've been immersed in jazz, art, and culture, become well traveled, and achieved a better knowledge of who I am as an individual. Today my style exudes all of the aforementioned, with the added need for impeccably tailored garments and a unique flair for details.'

GB 4.png