We Were The Only Kids Who Went To School With Two-Piece Corduroy Outfits…

Story submitted by Philipe Weeden.
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‘My style was instilled in me since I was a young boy. My mother was a prom dress seamstress and she started me and my twin brother out in modeling at age 5. We were the only kids who went to school with two-piece corduroy outfits and bow ties.

As I grew older I never fit into the style “box”. I always felt that style shouldn’t just be about the clothes, but the way you carry yourself. With my style there is no “box”. I enjoy preppy and bold fashion with a splash of color!

I am a personal trainer so that means a lot of my time is spent in the gym so I’m not too focused on my style. Outside of the gym is a whole different ballpark because I get to showcase me. I love dressing up from a tux to attend an awards show, to a cardigan and bowtie for a night out on the town, to a suit for attending church.

Daily Fashion Illustration Philipe Weeden

People have always told me I have an eye for fashion so I am always looking to better my style by pushing the envelope. Using splashes of color accompanied with my signature sunglasses I show off my inner me. Who I am which is a fun loving, God fearing, goofy kind of guy. A man should make the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t make the man.’