I Always Was Around Fashionable People Who Had A Wide Range Of Eclectic Tastes

Story submitted by Chad Patterson
instagram @chadswade

‘I am a 27 year old fashion designer from Boston, MA. Not only am I inspired by fashion, but I enjoy helping others get out their dreams and find their passion. I feel that we all have a gift, and it’s our obligation to find it and share it with the world. I am currently involved with several different community service projects. I grew up in the urban city of Boston, and because I have taken the road less traveled I hope to inspire one person to believe that they can reach success no matter their situation!

I have always been inspired by fashion ever since I was in elementary school.  My dad is a business man, so I often saw him in suits or even saw him casually well dressed.  Both of my parents are fashionable so the gene rubbed off on me.  Being from the city of Boston, I always was around fashionable people who had a wide range of eclectic tastes and made fashion statements everyday.

The reason why I attract to fashion so much is because its one of the few ways that you can differentiate yourself from others before even uttering a word.  Fashion is an industry that every individual can have his/her own personal style, and that style be accepted because its element is organic.

Daily Fashion Illustration Chad Patterson

I honestly feel the way you dress yourself is a direct correlation of your personality.  Often times the way you’re dressed demands a certain type of respect, and in my opinion, that is one very important essence of the fashion world.  You make others appreciate your individuality and respect who you are.’