My Story Begins With My Dad And My Uncle

Daily Fashion Illustration 145. Monday, March 24. 2014

Style submitted by Mehmet Zaffer Oguz. -instagram @zafferoguz
'I am still trying to say truth, trying to be brave about style but it's clear that it is the way I show colors in me. My style story begins with my dad and my uncle who was living with my family when I was a child.

I remember these two gentlemen were getting ready for work like a ceremony; tailored suits, pure silk ties, perfectly ironed shirts, new looking clean shoes. It was interesting to see how they looked different from each other although they had the same kind of clothes on. I was jealous, because as a student I had to wear the same school uniform everyday and the strict rules did not let me add accesories or change colors. I had to be the same as others. But I observed my dad and uncle were defining themselves with their total look. I have learned the importance of the good shoes and stength of the good textile from them when I was young. 

Now I am at the age they were and I see my style is something between classical and
actual streetwear. Furniture design  and architecture inspires me and maybe this is why I try to build my look as everything on me like one piece. I am still not brave about using accessories but like to play with colours and shades. I do believe less is more but patterns are my exception.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 145, Mehmet