I Love To See My Clients Standing Tall And Really Finding Themselves

Daily Fashion Illustration 132. Tuesday, March 4. 2014

Style submitted by Kyle Moshrefi. -tumblr beatboxgoesthump.tumblr.com
'My name is Kyle Moshrefi and I am one of the owners of Kipper Clothiers. I am also the owner of the tumblr Falling Is Like This (www.beatboxgoesthump.tumblr.com) I started out in the fashion industry about 5 years ago as a stylist for J.Crew. One of my biggest achievements is building confidence and trust through my clients. I love to see my clients standing a little taller and really finding themselves through their personal styles.

From J.Crew I was recruited to be the first hired employee at Everlane. Everlane is a SF based e-commerce brand that has done pretty well for itself. I found myself working in social media and production/merchandising and after a couple of years realized that I really missed the personal contact with clients. Fast forward to today...I combined my styling experiences from J.Crew and my production experiences from Everlane to build Kipper Clothiers with my business partner, Erin Berg.'

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