‘I Wanted The Exterior To Portray The Interior Feeling Of Confidence…’

Story submitted by Garret Prather
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‘The background behind the picture is my wedding day last summer, definitely a day in which confidence is key in not only their style. My goal was an overall simple look sharp on the details; a custom three piece light
grey suit with ticket pocket, slim French-cuffed shirt, Jayhawk cuff links, some fun pink socks, and a blue-border pocket square complementing the slim pink tie.

I wanted the exterior to accurately portray the interior feeling of confidence I had about making one of the best decisions of my life that day, marrying Emily Prather.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Garret Prather

‘Fashion is incredibly fascinating in it being based solely on opinion–there is no black and white, it is entirely a gray area. Personal opinion, combined with encountering others personal fashion opinions both on the street and in publications, means we will always see new ideas and new products while at the same time old ones being reborn or reused.

My sense of fashion has definitely evolved, and the main theme I stick to now is a confident “Embrace the Lankiness” mindset when outfitting my slender 6′-3″ frame.  This means slim-cut is what I look for when adding to my collection.’