‘My Pops’ Best Friends Were The Biggest Influence On Me…’

Story submitted by Andrew Loden
instagram @andrew_loden

‘My Story comes from a small town, no larger than 5 miles, surrounded by rural farms and cows. A place where being humble and treating others in the ways you would like to be treated came as a way of life. Not much for high economy unless you were a farmer or knew someone who knew a guy, but the morals and values of life kept you up. My pops’ best friends were the biggest influence on me and my morals on life. They instilled respect for others in me and to have confidence in everything I do.

After high school I had the chance to work in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my brother in law and his event company. Setting up events and parties for the wealthy and seeing the movie stars and celebs from across the globe. Being star struck for a small town country boy in the big city is an understatement! Being in this environment showed me a lot about style and taught me ways of making a look for myself.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Andrew Loden